About Us

We are a brand of traditional and contemporary Kanjivaram weaves.The Sari is our Canvas, and ‘the Kanjivaram’ style of weaving is our tool, to create exquisite handwoven weaves that are rooted in traditional as well as contemporary designs.

The weaving technique in Kanchipuram is ancient, distinctive and has incredible potential. Unfortunately only certain aspects of this technique have been used and the saris made thus far have been repetitive with respect to design, colour, texture etc.The Silk Line hopes to re-invent and rejuvenate the art of creating saris by integrating artists with the weaving community and by nurturing this inter-connectedness.


Our story dates back to 1905, to a small house in Kanchipuram, with 3 looms and 3 weavers. With over a century of knowledge in loom architecture, passion for the art of weaving and a deep love for our weavers, The Silk Line is the ‘latest edition’ of an ancient narrative.